Alexander Schubert - f1
For variable group of musicians (minimum 5 players) + 2 performers (+video, lights, staging)

Program Notes
for ensemble
I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep
long silence
prevents the memory
I’ve gotten lost before
There are two things I want to tell you
I will only say them once
I will not repeat them
first: you will die

When I told you those things I was lying
we live as we dream along
you rush off to everything
you press yes to forget anything
you regret, you love, you hate

dear reader
I will promise I will try this time

the black stain
eternal sunshine
sleepy machines
fuck me at that beach.

„Don’t look now“

Endless supplies 
Simple Truths

1) have you made a list?
2) of what?
1) of everything!

You have been here before 
in a dream

the walls are closing in
the nets draw in
the drawing is overdrawn and overwritten
again and again and again
the disease is dripping from the tree tops
the roofs are stoning sadness
the alley gets narrower and narrower
You have been here before
in a dream

The black lake
You have been here before
in a dream
in this dream you will die

Vivid dreams
Improved dreaming
Rigid sleep hacks

„Fuck you.“
„You will be mine“